“As an artistic child, I spent a lot of time – much like others – alone. This is where the idea of the Getty Girl was born. I’ve curated in my mind the story and mannerisms of a mysterious yet bold woman who has glamour sewn into her DNA.

Her face is never truly seen, and once she leaves the room, you question if the moment ever existed. While watching the Getty Girl from across the party, she makes you feel like she is yours. Only you two exist.

Once she leaves, you wonder if it was only a dream… Was the jewel-drenched masterpiece just a vision? Did you fall in love with a specter of beauty? I envision her story specific to each collection while designing, like a phantasmagoria or a film reel in my mind. Now, every time I see a woman wearing one of my pieces, I see a glimpse of the woman who was birthed in my head, out of my childhood imagination, as she blows a kiss.”